Yurts Vacations Make Your Lifestyle Special with Its Magic

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Yurt Vacation in Hawaii

Yurts are a traditional way of living made using bentwood roof poles to get a domed shape structure, light door flaps and usage of door frame instead of heavy wooden doors. And the whole structure is covered with canvas and some use felt as a middle layer.


Why are yurts so special?
The Mongolian style yurts have many advantages and are best for both yurt vacations and as an everyday adoption in life. Yurt, an ancient nomadic shelter provides a reprieve form modern lifestyle culture and the circular built becomes a reference to interconnection of things and unity. Yurts are available in modern and traditional versions at an affordable price to live a life closer to the Nature Mother.

  • The contemporary yurts are well furnished with modern features and costs around $6,000 to $125,000 making space for all your day-to-day requirements.
  • The crew member takes a very small span of time to build it according to the dweller’s imagination and provides an easy access, once the platform is built.
  • Yurts are very flexible and can be used as office, guestroom, farmhouse or a small studio. A distinct advantage of yurt is – it can be put up quickly and taken down to move to any other location with people’s change in situation.
  • The affordability and portability of yurt become an attractive option for the one experimenting with community before making any long term staying commitment. Its flexibility makes it a perfect option for the intentional communities for their varied use.
  • The round construction of yurts proves better over its rectilinear counterparts, making it efficient to heat and providing less wind resistance. The construction of roof with tension band and compression rings provides an amazing architectural strength and design with no internal support system, thereby leaving it open and spacious.
  • The architectural structure is broadly recognized for its communal, spiritual, healing and creative nature. Yurt tends to be the best option for retreat centers, spiritual practices and community gatherings. It is also seen that people get a sound sleep in yurts and dream more too!


Where are yurts used?
If you want to go for yurt vacations, you can opt for camping, resort accommodation and skiing. Otherwise, a person can choose yurts as dwelling place, office, creational class, any type of studio, bed-and-breakfasts, and moon-lodge, to name just a few!

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About Ohana Yurts

Ohana Yurts was founded on the dream of building an eco-village for the Positive Energetics Foundation on Oahu’s North Shore. At the time, there were no Hawai’i based yurt manufacturers to purchase from, forcing Positive Energetics to source yurts off of the mainland.