Why are Ohana Yurts better than others?
Our yurts are built right here in Hawaii with Subrella and T-Tex fabrics. Our Yurts are resistant to massive humidity, vog, acid raid, Sun, high winds, resistant to chemicals, UV Radiation and snow, other companies simply don’t use the fabrics we use.
Yurts often have vinyl walls that make it unbearably hot inside. What does Ohana Yurts use?
We don’t use heavy vinyl coverings like most yurt companies for the whole yurt. Our walls are made with Sunbrella canvas which is much more breathable. Sunbrella works best for Hawaii’s climate, it also looks better than vinyl and is environmentally friendly due to its recycling program. We are however constantly looking into new way to promote stainability here in Hawaii, we are actually working on building a plastic fiber recycle to start making our own material from recycled plastic found on the beaches. Volcom and Quicksilver have similar technologies the use to make board shorts. We will let everyone know when we have the plastic recycler complete.
How tall are your yurt walls?
All Walls are 7ft tall
How much are your yurts?
Please see our products page
What’s your most popular yurt?
Our 12′ yurt is the most popular. It can be put up anywhere and it doesn’t exceed the square footage for needing a permit here in Oahu. The 16ft yurt is the most popular yurt on the other islands since most people are using the parcel exemption for put an unpermitted structure
Will I be able to choose my own color?
Yes. We have HUNDREDS of Colors, from Hot Pink to Cammo, we have the colors for you…
Are the yurts portable?
Yes. The smaller yurts can go up and down in about an hour, but the larger ones get heavy so you will need some help.
Can I have my windows placed anywhere on the walls?
Yes but our Yurts come standard with lots of windows. contact us for more info.
What about installation?
Installation is FREE on Oahu. Anywhere else will cost a small fee. Please call us for a quote.
Can the yurt be plumbed for electricity and water?
Yes. We encourage you to hire a professional to install electricity and water.
Is the round deck included?
No, you will have to build your round deck. There is an extra charge if you would like us to build it for you.
what do I need to get started?
Thats easy, first you have to pay your 50% deposit and then pick all the colors you want. The depsot is non refundable since if you pick hot pink colors there is a good chance that we would be able to resell that yurt package.
Does Ohana Yurts have a warranty?
Yes, all out products come with a 10yr warranty. You can view what is covered right here so there is no surprises. Ohana Yurts Warranty