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Ohana Yurts owners Nathan and Jennifer Toler started building yurts in 2010 while managing Positive Energetics Foundation

The Foundation had a dream to build an eco-village on the island however as there were no Hawai’i based manufacturers at the time, the yurts had to be sourced from the mainland making the process incredibly expensive and too slow to be productive.  It was during this process that the idea for Ohana Yurts was born. We originally started as BackYard Yurts but soon realized that is was lots of our Ohana that were buying the yurts to live in, so the name was changed to Ohana Yurts..

With Nathan and Jennifer producing two 12 feet yurts for the foundation on the island, they recognized a need to have this vital product created locally and have continued since that day to save time and money by producing yurts for the island’s locals.

Over the years, Ohana Yurts has grown to become the premier yurt manufacturer in Hawai’i and a globally recognized business within the industry.

Ohana Yurts have been featured on HGTV Tiny House Big Living Season 2 and also on HGTV’s DIY channel on ‘Love Yurts’. The business continues to grow and enjoy much success however the core focus remains to be a positive influence on the environment and focus on providing the best possible materials and design for the ancient yurt and continuing to share the positive effects of the yurt for generations to come.

Why are Ohana Yurts Unique?

Ohana Yurts uniqueness begins in the businesses Hawai’i-based location which allows us to locally source our materials and test our products and installation techniques.

Our stunning island based facility paired with hand-milled wood allows our customers to purchase high-quality yurts without excessive shipping fees and lengthy waiting periods. We offer a world-class product, and are able to create and design yurts in a way that makes them affordable for a wide range of budgets.

We believe in treating all of our customers as individuals to fully understand their needs and pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service. Our staff are always on hand to answer questions or offer guidance during the building and design process, creating a comfortable and fun environment for everyone while delivering outstanding results for all of our happy customers.

Our Commitment to the future

Our location on the North Shore means that Ohana Yurts has also grown into an advocate for a more sustainable Hawai’i. Yurts are inherently environmentally friendly, and our dedication to promoting a healthy island environment is seeing the popularity of yurts grow.

Keep an eye out for our new FULCRUM Package, featuring built-in solar heated water, a water catchment system, and built-in exterior garden boxes. To stay updated on the development of our FULCRUM package, sign up for the Ohana Yurts newsletter.

As a local business, we’re proud to offer a unique office, home, retreat or space for our customers and are committed to continuously improving and evolving to create the most efficient and innovative yurts for our customers.

Mahalo for your interest in Ohana Yurts, we look forward to working with you soon!

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